The word “nanotechnology” gets thrown around a lot but it still remains a fuzzy concept for most people. However, over a decade ago Rani Jarkas already believed Nanotechnology is to the 21st Century what chemistry was to the 20th Century. Rani saw a lot of nanotech companies have promising technology but get stuck to develop further. In 2003, Rani Jarkas built an in-house team of nanotech experts publishing proprietary nanotech equity research.

Furthermore, Rani invests the proprietary capital in nanotech companies where suitable and when appropriate. His commitment to nanotech makes him a lead investor on deals. His firm is now the longest-standing investment firm committed to nanotech and a worldwide leader in the nanotechnology investment arena, offering investors superior intelligence and research necessary for successful investing in this emerging industry. Rani Jarkas’ clients include public and private company executives, institutional investors, leading academic institutions, industry thought leaders and premier venture capital firms interested in nanotech.

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