Rani Jarkas Investment Views on Indonesia

Map of Indonesia (ranijarkas.wordpress.com)

Map of Indonesia (ranijarkas.wordpress.com)

Indonesia has been a solid performer throughout the 2008 economic recession and continues to be an attractive investment destination.  Rani Jarkas, a well-respected and industry-recognized leader who has 20 years’ experience in the investment industry specializing in corporate finance, capital markets and ultra-high net worth client business, sees great potential in the country and established a representative office in Jakarta in 2012 with a focus on working with his local partners, facilitating trade and investment flows between Indonesia, Greater China and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions. 

“Having a representative office in Indonesia helps me identify investment opportunities and better manage the deployment of proprietary capital to projects that are in its fields of energy, natural resources and agribusiness, areas of particular relevance to Indonesia. With the support of the local governmental and business partners in Indonesia, I will pursue additional interesting inbound and outbound investment opportunities,” says Rani Jarkas.  


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