Rani Jarkas’ Confidence in Chinese RMB Yuan

Rani Jarkas Confidence in Chinese RMB/Yuan Investments (https://ranijarkas.wordpress.com)

Rani Jarkas Confidence in Chinese RMB/Yuan Investments (https://ranijarkas.wordpress.com)

When many experts on Wall Street saw a free-floating Yuan as a distant prospect, Rani Jarkas, a world-renowned entrepreneur and a banking expert, has shown his early confidence in RMB. Seeing China’s economy has been developing rapidly and the level of its openness to the outside world keeps increasing, Rani believes RMB will become more and more used overseas and will become fully convertible in international markets in the future.

When the China Central Government stated its support for Hong Kong’s development as an offshore Renminbi business centre in 2010, Rani saw the great potential and seized the opportunity immediately to establish a platform in Hong Kong. Taking a broader and more forward-looking view, he launched an offering of renminbi (RMB) – denominated investment products through a global boutique investment firm in the same year.

Through Rani’s relationships and global network of his partners, he has expanded the offering to include a wide variety of RMB-denominated products, including ‘dim sum bonds’, funds, IPOs and currency exposure in order to meet his clients’ needs.

Rani Jarkas said, “Our goal in expanding our offering to include RMB-denominated investment products is to ensure that our clients are well-diversified and positioned for the inevitable global rebalancing – the theme of the century.” He added that, “As the RMB market grows, we will continue to seek out unique investment opportunities for our clients.”