Rani Jarkas, the Leading Player in the Game Answers Your Question: Why Invest in Nanotechnology?

As a founder and Chairman of the longest-standing firm in the nanotechnology investment arena, Rani Jarkas offers his clients and investors superior intelligence and investment products including a fund and two nano indices that enable them to participate in the growth of nanotechnology.

But why invest in nanotechnology?

“If you look into every industrial sector from materials to electronics to energy to defense to computing to telecommunications to life science, nanotech is the fulcrum that is moving the world. That is why investors who look for long-term growth might want to consider investing in nanotechnology,” Rani said.

Rani Jarkas has been educating and advising investors on how to capitalize on the growth in nanotechnology since 2003. He has unique relationships with public and private company executives, institutional investors, leading academic institutions, industry thought leaders and premier venture capital firms interested in nanotechnology. His solid network enables his clients to access some of the best investment opportunities. Rani is also often consulted about acquisitions and partnership opportunities from both public and private companies.

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