Rani Jarkas: Hidden Investment Opportunities in Africa

Africa has extensive mineral and natural resources. The continent makes up 20% of the world’s land mass and has 89% of the world’s platinum, 12% of its proven oil reserves and 9% of its natural gas. In addition, Africa has a young, growing population of around one billion people. Of the top 10 fastest-growing economies in the world, 6 are in Africa. However, most international businesses are still not very aware of Africa’s investment opportunities.

Rani Jarkas, a global well-known entrepreneur and a recognized leader in the finance industry shares his views on Africa with us, “Forward-looking investors should invest in Africa for its substantial long-term growth potential. Particularly I believe immense investment opportunities could be found in banking and finance, energy and infrastructure and agriculture.”

“The returns in Europe and North America have been low so the only place where you get good higher returns could be Africa. My intention is to provide better understanding how growth opportunities vary across the diverse continent as well as bringing value to local investors and offering my clients access to investment opportunities that capitalize on the rapid growth in the dynamic Asia and Africa and act as a bridge to fill the regional gaps,” added Rani Jarkas.

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