Rani Jarkas: Angola is an undiscovered Gem

Angola is a country of 482,625 square miles in western Africa, bordering Namibia to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Zambia to the east, and the Republic of Congo to the north. The oil-rich enclave of Cabinda lies north of the Zaire river.

Angola is a potentially one of the richest countries in Africa. Petroleum in the Cabinda enclave; diamonds in Lunda; and iron, phosphates, copper, gold, bauxite, and uranium in the other provinces are some of the natural resources. This year Angola’s economy is expected grow by eight percent as it becomes the second biggest producer of oil in Africa. In the capital city of Luanda, the skyline is now filled with newly-built skyscrapers and each month more businesses are beginning to populate the area. Economic growth is beginning to transform Angola into a country filled with business opportunities.

Rani Jarkas, a global well-known entrepreneur and a financial services executive with years of experience in conducting business in Africa, is especially fond of Angola. During a telephone interview, he said, “I chose Angola to do business many years ago and I am now making more commitments to the country, not only because the country provides great business opportunities, but also I like the country’s natural beauty and its people. I often find people on the streets dancing to salsa, lambada or meringue music. Their love for life, their music, dance and art, their laughter and their joy, their determined desire and their creativeness really touch me.”

“My long-term commitment to Angola is focused on helping local communities to realize the value of growth in the region and building wealth for locals. My approach strategy is to create win-win situation for local governments, companies and investors. As Angola is opening its market to foreign investors and is actively seeking partners to contribute towards its industrialisation, forward-looking investors should invest in Angola for its substantial long-term potential,” Rani added.


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